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    We are a wall decal and decor company that was born with the mission to stimulate the imagination and the creativity of adults and children. Our products are carefully created with the goal of telling stories through colors and designs. Each of our themes is an adventure that, in addition to decorating, can be lived and shared with the family.

    We believe that every child is an individual with their own characteristics and feelings. Therefore, we do not use standard image banks or licensing in our products. We prefer originality. All decals are created and produced internally by our designers in the United States.

    Another proof of this belief is Kids Maker. An application developed exclusively for Imagicolors™ that allows parents to customize our decals with the faces of their kids. This "magic" makes each printed decal unique and generates an identification with the children, causing them to create their own stories and adventures.

    At Imagicolors™ we also know our responsibility with health and the environment. Therefore, our decals are printed with Eco-Friendly Inks and using Removable Fabric. Besides beautiful and exclusive, they are 100% safe and high quality.

    This is us. A creative and responsible company, committed to delivering the best product to our clients. But most of all, a company that values ​​the personality and the imagination.

    Meet Imagicolors™ and let NEW adventures begin!